Construction Contract

Contract: The construction of a medical center with facilities, Walailak University

Contract Number: 95/2558 dated 29th July 2015

Employer: Walailak University

Employee: Power Line Engineering Public Company Limited

Controller: Consortium, PQTS

Starting date: (by contract) 30th July 2015

Completion date: (by contract) 29th May 2019

Operation time: 1,400 days

Construction Value: 2,1280 million baht




Hospital building
  • Building A, Administration Building (3-story building height)
  • Building B, Hospital Building (7-story building height)
  • Building D, Center of Medical Services Building, (7-story building height)
  • Building E, Pile driving (Future extension area)
  • Building F, Energy Building
Staff Accommodation
  • building of 4-story Single Condominium (R1)
  • building of 3-story Single Condominium (R2)
  • buildings of 3-story Condominium for family (R3)
  • 25 houses of 2-story House (R4)
External Facilities
  • Public utilities outside the hospital building.
  • Public utilities outside staff accommodation

Scope of Work

  • Structure
  • Architecture
  • Electrical and Communication
  • Water Supply and Sanitation
  • Fire Protection System
  • Elevator System
  • Medical Gas System
  • Air Conditioning System
  • Land Reclamation, Road Works/Parking Lot and Drainage system
  • Landscape Work and Landscape Design
  • Durable Articles Procurement

Construction Progress

7 buildings consist of Building A, B, C, D, E and F


Construction Started


Under Construction


Under Construction

Countdown to construction contract termination date

29 May 2019

Construction Progress

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Construction at present (August 2018)


Construction Progress 4 June 18

Construction Progress 9 May 18

Construction Progress 4 April 18

Construction Progress 6 March 18

Construction Progress 7 February 18