Logo hospital


"Walailak University Hospital"




  1. To provide medical and public health services
  2. To support the teaching and learning management of Schools related of Health Sciences
  3. To be a source of research for various schools of the university


Walailak University Hospital opened its first phase at the Walailak University Health Science Research Building on 4 February 2017, by providing services to University personnel, students and the general public as well as supporting teaching, research, and academic services to Schools related of Health Sciences at the university.

Walailak University Hospital received budget from the government for the construction of approximately 5,600 million baht on an area of ​​405 rai and started construction around March 2016 which is currently under construction of 5 buildings which are A, B, C, D and F which are expected to completed in late 2020 and will be open for full service with 120 beds in early 2021.